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From sciencefictionsciencefair (Fall 2010)


From Research, Flow Charts and Data Banks (Summer 2010)

Interpretive Videos

The following is a list of videos from the Gallery's past exhibitions and artist talks which are accessible in the Gallery's community viewing lounge. We will be updating this section to offer a selection of online videos in the near future.

 Date Artists Exhibition

 Summer 2010

 Fall 2008

John Kissick

 Will Gorlitz

A Nervous Decade

nowhere if not here

 April 2008 Students from the Waterloo Region Expressions 33
 Winter 2008 Alex Cameron
 Geoffrey James
 Kelly Richardson
 Jennifer Stead
 Changing Weather
 Field Notes
 Forest Park
 Meander 100'
 Summer 2007 (CAFKA produced - never aired) Woodlot: The 3rd KW|AG Biennial
 Late Spring 2007 All artists Fantasy (The Grand National 2007)
 Spring 2007 All artists Expressions 32
 Winter 2007 Sara Graham and Monica Tap River Grand Chronicles 2007
 Fall 2006 Christine Davis Gravity and Grace
 Fall 2006 Paul Dignan
 Melissa Doherty
 Soheila Esfahani
 Noriko Maeda
 Paul Roorda


 Studio Alert: Illuminating the Source

 Late Spring 2006 All artists Wild Life (The Grand National 2006)
 Spring 2006 All artists Expressions 31
 Spring 2004 All artists Expressions 29
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