gwen macgregor: reseach, flow charts and data banks

June 17 - Sept 5
River Grand Chronicles #8

"The Art of Nature": by Robert Reid (The Record, July 29th)
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"I make installations and videos that explore the passage of time and
how it shapes small dramas, overlooked moments or familiar situations."

                                                             Gwen MacGregor. Excerpted from the artist's statement.

 Jennifer Stead - Meander 100' installation
Image from Gwen MacGregor's canoe trip along the Grand River. Image courtesy of the artist.

Research, Flow Charts and Data Banks is a selection of new work developed in response to our River Grand Chronicles. The Grand River is more than just a scenic ribbon running through southern Ontario, it is the physical site of historic interactions and negotiations of the land through which it runs. How, for example, does one begin to understand in a contemporary context, the Haldimand Tract, an unfulfilled promise made 200 years ago between the Six Nations and the British Crown?

In the summer of 2009 MacGregor (along with fellow artist Gordon Hicks) canoed the Grand River from the headwaters to Lake Erie. Video documentation gathered from that trip has been used to create a new video work. GPS (Global Positioning System) data collected has been brought together with historical information about the Haldimand Tract to create an animation. Accompanying these works will be an installation that uses, as its starting point, a GIS (Geographic Information System) representation of where theoretically wildflowers could grow in the watershed. Together these works create an environment of enquiry, possibility and understanding about the Grand River.

About Gwen MacGregor
Gwen MacGregor is a Toronto-based artist. Her work has also been shown across Canada and in Mexico City, London, Prague, Venice, Shanghai and Los Angeles and she has participated in numerous international residencies. MacGregor is represented by Jessica Bradley Art + Projects, Toronto. She has recently earned an undergraduate degree in Geography from the University of Toronto.

Gwen MacGregor's installations and video work often use the physical conditions of a chosen site as a springboard for explorations into the passage of time and its uncanny effects. Her research, which is inseparable from her process of making, relies on the gathering of data such as patterns of movement, geographical information, and ephemeral materials. Whether she is collecting video footage or photographing snow, MacGregor transforms natural phenomena and the incidental into artworks that explore how we understand our physical place in the world.

 Grand River
Image from Gwen MacGregor's canoe trip along the Grand River. Image courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition Catalogue
An online exhibition catalogue combining #6 (Phil Irish), #7 (Susan Coolen) and # 8 (Gwen MacGregor) of the River Grand Chronicles will feature a text by York University professor Richard Hill. This publication will be available as a free download on KW|AG's website. MacGregor's blog,, was developed in tandem with her exhibition and includes images from her research trip down the river. Details and a print version available for purchase coming soon.

Installation Time Lapse Video

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